Dude Ranch Lodging

Outfitter Tent 

The Outfitter Tent is an option for both warm and cold seasons. When you choose the Outfitter Tent as your lodging during your stay, you can expect a wood burning stove, a table, and cot beds. This is real cowboy living out on the range. The dirt floors of the tent will be covered with rugs to minimize dirt.


Camping Trailer

If you choose the Camp Trailer as your lodging for your stay, this will bring you all of the comforts of home while still being out in the wilderness.


***All Food and Drink are Included with Stay***

What you should bring: 

__Cowboy Boots (or other worn in tall leather boots for riding)

__Ball Cap or cowboy hat

__rain slicker

__Sunglasses and glass retainer

__Sweat suit

__Bandanna, scarf, dust mask 

__Jacket or sweater

__Insect repellent

__Sleep wear


__Special medications


__Jeans, long pants for riding

__Toothbrush, toothpaste

__Shirts or blouses  (long sleeve may be appropriate for sun protection)


__Personal hygiene items

__Towel and washcloth

__Musical instrument

__Stampede or choke string for you hat

__Sunscreen (bring enough to last a week)

__Lip balm

__Flashlight and extra batteries

__Hand/body lotion

__Long johns

__Camera, film