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Malibu is an amazing mule. She has been on the ranch with us for just over 2 years now. Malibu is around 8 years old and stands 13.8-14 hands tall, but don’t let that underestimate her. She has insane stamina and will go all day with heavy loads on her back. Malibu is a friendly mule that has been ridden often by my wife and by young inexperienced riders. She is a very smooth ride and has a soft mouth. Malibu neck reigns and will go in any direction you point her in. She is not afraid to cross water or ride in steep areas. 

A fun thing about riding Malibu is that she is very sure footed and is great at rock hopping. One of my wife's favorite thing to do with Malibu is hop big boulders while on trail rides. We have used Malibu in many situations from herding cattle on the mountain to roping in the arena. She has a great back to the point where we ride her in a western horse saddle without any problems. Malibu is a great trail mule and would be the mule you would want to ride, especially if you are just getting into riding mules.

Along with Malibu being an amazing mule to ride, she is also a great pack mule. We have packed game, salt, camping gear, coolers, and just about anything we've needed to on her back. Malibu is very well mannered. She is dog broke and used to having dogs around and jumping up on her to get attention from her rider.

As for more on Malibu's build, she has hard feet that do not require shoes. Though she doesn't need shoes, we have frequently trimmed her feet. Malibu doesn't mind having her feet worked on. She has never kicked. Malibu is also good with her ears and is not ear shy. Her only down fall is that she can sometimes be difficult to catch when in an open pasture. We have trained her to come to grain in the corral where we can easily catch her. Malibu is easily caught when in a penned area and will turn to face you when you catch her.

Overall Malibu has been an amazing mule for us, and we know she will be a great mule for her new owner. We are selling Malibu because we need to make more room in our herd for younger mules to train to become just as good as her. Though we will miss her, especially my wife, we know that she will be a great mule for someone looking.

Sale Price $12,000.00 (SOLD)


Check out this video tribute to Malibu to see her in action!