Ol' Red Molly Mule for Sale


Ol’ Red is this ULTIMATE TRAIL MULE! I've had countless mules come through my program over the last few years, and Red is by far my favorite mule. I maybe use her a little too often, because in the mornings when I'm catching mules before a long day on the trail, it's too tempting to catch her instead of the other mules. She enjoys her job, and does it extremely well. Mules are known for being “stubborn” but Red doesn't fit this stereotype. Whatever direction you point her head in is the direction she will go. Slick rock, steep banks, water, deadfall, and any other obstacles are no problem for her. She reins extremely well for a gaited animal and has a good trot and lope. She's done everything from dragging cows into the trailer to packing elk off the mountain. I love this mule and I will be sad to see her go. 


Email the Broncs and Donks Office to purchase.

Click the link or send an email to broncsanddonksauctions@gmail.com
We will call you after receiving your email.
Office hours will be from 8:00 AM-7:00 PM Mountain Time.
If you contact us outside of these hours you will be contacted the following day.

Ol’ Red has been my top mount for the last few years (for anybody who watches my YouTube channel that is obvious). I primarily use her to herd cattle, although I pack on her almost as often. When we pack on her, she is usually in a pack string with a few other mules. She has packed elk carcasses, T-posts, salt blocks, camping gear, etc. I bought her when she was 2 years old and I was the one who broke/trained her. My friends and family ride her quite often, and she is used to being around dogs, cattle, traffic, etc.

She was part of the Broncs and Donks movie, where we rode mules across the state of Utah. We started on the Idaho border and rode our mules over 600 miles to the Arizona border. Some days I rode her and other days she was in the pack string. Red has always been my favorite mule to hit the trails with because of how sure footed and fast she is. I think this is where she excels as a mule. She walks at a good pace and is a smooth ride. For anybody wanting an animal that can go all day, for days at a time, she is the mule for you.


Age- 7
Sex- Female
Height- 15 hands
Breed- Tennessee Walker mixed with Gaited Mammoth Jack.

Travels Hard All Day
Smooth Gait
Sure Footed 
Packs Extremely Well 
Leads Great
Loads in Trailer Great
Hooves Require Low to No Maintenance 
Used to being Hobbled and Steaked Out
Goooooood Loooookin
Ear shy.
I do not rope on her.
She can be hard to catch in big pastures.

    Ol’ Red is high energy. I didn’t know whether to put this in the pros or cons list. For me it’s an absolute pro, because I need a mule that will hit a long trot, all day long, and still have energy at the end of the day. Some people might see it as a con because If you want a dead head mule that walks slow she is probably not for you.

    Ol’ Red has never had any health issues or lamness problems.

    I will miss Ol’ Red, but I have many younger mules that need training, so it's time to part ways with her so I can have time to work with some of my other mules.

    We can supply a pre-purchase veterinarian exam. Along with a health certificate, coggins test, etc.

     Pickup dates and other details can be arranged through our email at broncsanddonksauctions@gmail.com.

    Disclaimer: We want to sell Ol’ Red to a good home with somebody who has experience with equine. We reserve the right to refuse the sell to anybody we don't see fit for purchasing her.

    IF YOU MISS OUT ON THE CHANCE TO BUY OL’ RED, ITS NOT TOO LATE TO BUY A MULE FROM US. All off the mules that went on the 600+ mile Utah ride (The Broncs & Donks movie) will be for sale later this year when the movie is released.



    Here is a video showing the highlights of Ol' Red's carrier with Broncs and Donks: